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Prebatched Cocktails using the latest innovations

Part 3

Modern bartenders are trying to deliver the best quality cocktails in the shortest time. Because time is a new luxury for the people, and nobody wants to waste it and make their customers wait.

Prebatching ingredients and cocktails can save so much time during a busy bar shift. Cutting half of the time in making drinks allows us to provide better Hospitality to our guests. We can spend more time in knowing our guests, explaining flavours and ingredients, sharing ideas.

Thermostat - Anti Sous Vide method for prebatched drinks or ingredients.

This modern technique is a type of Thermostat like sous-vide, but the difference is it can work from -30 C to +200 C degrees with an interval of 0.1 C. That means we can precisely control our prebatched cocktails or ingredients temperature and consistency.

We use two thermostat Huber KISS K-25 - can hold the 16th wine bottles at the same time.

Before we bought those thermostats, we looked for a proper freezer, which would keep the temperature between -6 C to +1 C.

And we realized almost 90% of freezers works below -10 C.

Also, not even one freezer keeps temperature continuously; it's always up and down a couple of degrees, making it useless for perfect serve drinks.

For example, having Dry Martini at -10 or below would kill any flavour because you could not taste it and possibly could burn with cold.

Back in the days, when Gin was very rough and boozy, the standard of serving Dry Martini in 5 stars hotels was -7 C. Now it's -4C - -5 C because alcohol became more gentle and softer.

Just keep in mind if you have a martini at a lower temperature, the fewer flavour you will get, the higher temperature, the harsher drink will get.

That's why it is so important to find the perfect balance for every cocktail, and our Thermostat let us serve our martinis at the ideal temperature each time. In our case is -4.5 for our picked Gin and Vermouth.

The Thermostat is not the only good thing to serve your drinks cold.

Okay, now we will serve a prebatch cocktail; we need the cocktail itself, the right temperature and dilution.

According to Dave Arnold (and our team experiments), Stir cocktails has dilution between 41%-49%;

it's almost half of the cocktail. And I was super upset when I realized the whole world dilute their cocktails with meltwater. Can you imagine, half of the cocktail is water after ice? What if we replace water with something else?


Rum, angostura bitters, Pedro Ximenez and replacing water with fresh banana juice ( i know its sounds crazy, but read below)

Step 1 We mix fresh bananas with pectinex (1).

Step 2 We thermomix ( The Thermomix is basically the world's most powerful blender that also cooks and stirs.)

Step 3 we are clarifying in a centrifuge,

and you will have pure, absolutely transparent banana fresh juice.

From 1 kg of peeled bananas, we have 700 ml of juice between 21 and 24 Brix (Simple syrup 50 Brix) its quite sweet but this sweetness natural and delicate.

Thanks to this juice, we don't put any additional sugar into our Rum Fashioned; we use 43% of banana juice dilution. Serve in the Thermostat -4 C/

Example No 2

Japanese Dry

As you can guess, this is a twist on the Dry Martini🍸 cocktail.

Roku Gin, Matcha Tea, Sake Vermouth, Black Rice

Step 1: Vaccum Distilled Matcha tea with Gin

Step 2: 250ml of Carpano distillate and mixed it with 250ml of Sake residue. ( Residue is what left after distilling Sake ) all the sugars, acids and other minerals what's left.

Step 3: Take fried black rice and distil with water ( we will have hydrosol )

Step 4: Use as a dilution 41% of the volume of the cocktail.

Mix all ingredients and store it in anti-sous vide -4C

Japanese Dry Serve :

Our bar has no boundaries regards flavour research and future innovations. We are doing this for the ultimate guest experience and knowledge purpose.

We are always open to share our knowledge with other bars, bartender and INSIDERS.

If you missed a story about our bar or our cocktail station, check here:

Everything of this would be not possible without our amazing Bar Owners. They want to bring something different to our industry.



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