Prebatched Cocktails using the latest innovations

Insider BAR

Part 3

Modern bartenders are trying to deliver the best quality cocktails in the shortest time. Because time is a new luxury for the people, and nobody wants to waste it and make their customers wait.

Prebatching ingredients and cocktails can save so much time during a busy bar shift. Cutting half of the time in making drinks allows us to provide better Hospitality to our guests. We can spend more time in knowing our guests, explaining flavours and ingredients, sharing ideas.

Thermostat - Anti Sous Vide method for prebatched drinks or ingredients.

This modern technique is a type of Thermostat like sous-vide, but the difference is it can work from -30 C to +200 C degrees with an interval of 0.1 C. That means we can precisely control our prebatched cocktails or ingredients temperature and consistency.

We use two thermostat Huber KISS K-25 - can hold the 16th wine bottles at the same time.

Before we bought those thermostats, we looked for a proper freezer, which would keep the temperature between -6 C to +1 C.

And we realized almost 90% of freezers works below -10 C.