The BAR Concept of the year or maybe a decade?

Part 1

For the last few years, we have seen so many bars to be open with different ideas, concepts but we never came across something cool - mad like this." Concept of the future, first and most unique bartender and guest bar station, trolley of future and much more."

It took us 18 months from scratch to open the Bar, and 12 months out of 18 were during the covid lockdown. So let's talk about the Bar...


The fantasy of the future: -idea of ideal harmony of innovations and Nature joint together. Just make it clear - it's not " Stars Wars " movie we are talking about :DD

We have been working in Hospitality for a while and been travelling a lot. With our experience, we tried to imagine how the Bar of the future should look, how drinks should be served or how should they taste and what fundamental principles we gonna follow.

Here is Nature elements has been reflected in every inch of the Bar—materials with how Bar is built or ingredients how cocktail is made its latest innovations.

For example: if u look around, the bar walls are made from rammed earth...

YES RAMMED EARTH - this technique was used 1000 years ago in Tibet and only now with new innovations. This is it possible to replicate in the modern world and make the most sustainable way to build. Now U can see more and more new innovative houses building using this way. These walls also work as natural air filter because of their structure.

The bar ceiling replicates inside out relief of earth; it does not only look fantastic but also has a connection with the bar name and logo.

No matter where you look, everything is connected one way or another. I know it sounds like Bar is built-in MARS or another planet, but it's in the central part of Moscow, and you can go check it out with your own eyes.

The bar name is " Insider ", which is our philosophy of the Bar. The name the Bar that connects us with our world.

"Insider - a person who has knowledge or information in a very narrow field."

We consider ourselves as insiders of our hospitality industry. Like any other insiders, our mission is to bring something different and unique like nothing else has been seen and share knowledge with other insiders to get everything to the next level, like our latest collaboration with Baccarat.