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The BAR station we have never seen BEFORE?


Part 2

What you imaging first if I say «Bar» ?

The long bar counter, which divides the space of the bar? Bartender polishing glasses behind it and high shelves with endless brands of alcohol on the back?

What would you say if I show you something unseen before?

As you probably read part 1 article about our "INSIDER", you think we are slightly mad or taking a different approach to everything we do.

Let me try to explain what we had in mind by creating this bar station.

When we created a bar, we wanted people to get inspired and share ideas with overs, so we made a bar counter without borders.

We wanted people not only to come to the bar to enjoy the atmosphere, drinks but also to have the opportunity to connect with other guests.

We created only two 12 seating tables and a bar station with six guest seats, in total with only 30 guests at the time in maximum capacity. It's hard to explain but try to imagine a private club without a topic open for the public in unusual surroundings.

Let's talk about our bar station.

When we were creating a bar station with our team and design agency " Behind Bars ",

we had many challenges to create something new, something unseen before, and practical to work behind this bar station.

The latest Behind Bars Agency project with Tayer+Elementary inspired us also use hexagon shape inserts, which is the most ergonomic shape gifted by nature to people.

Hexagons hold the highest number of bottles and tools. You can also turn each hexagon into a pocket for preps/ice/tools or a place for making cocktails; you can configure however you like or regardless of your current menu set up or if the bartender left or right-handed person.

Two bar slots have the same function, there is you can see a sink, and it's supposed to make shaken and stirred drinks, and the third one doesn't have any sink cause it doesn't seem necessary. The third slot has a thermostat with 16th pre-batched cocktails and fast electronic scales to serve them fast and most efficiently—each bar slot equipped with a freezer for glassware, a box for garnishes and a separate side for integrated recycling bins for plastic and general waste.

The most exciting thing about our station also is that we have built six seats around for guests. They can easily communicate with each other and also enjoy " chefs table." They can communicate with the bartender during the process of cocktail making and appreciate the craftsmanship.

This bar station also has unique technology for cocktail serving, it's a specially designed thermostat that you have never seen before in the bar industry, and we will share all info about it in our next article of INSIDER

bar part 3. Thank You Galaktion Tabidze , Elina Tabidze

Ulitsa Sretenka, 22/1 стр. 1, Moscow, Russia, 107078 Phone: +7 925 400-40-70


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