Bar Trolley of The Future

Insider Bar

Part 4

The Bar trolleys have known for more than 300 years, and only last five years, they are coming back into the trend for 5-star hotels or unique concept bars. As you read probably our bar story in part 1 - our bar concept is inspired by the future and innovations.

That's why we decided, make a trolley of the future. Think about concept cars or etc.

Trolleys have always been associated with luxury and premium elements from the Barocco era.

We worked with a well-known agency, " Behind Bars." (Oslo, Norway) - a design agency focussed on designing functional bar furniture both for the professional HORECA sector and the private, home sector.

The same guys who made for us bar station, and we started work on design and materials. They are well known for notable projects like @tayer_elementary (London), @himkok.oslo (Oslo), @two.schmucks (Barcelona), @fourpillarslab (Sydney).

We wanted our trolley to have the latest innovations and also be connected to the history, traditions, and the most luxurious glassware.

So we created an exceptional "The Trolley of the Future" - a collaboration with Baccarat. ( first bar ever who officially collaborated with this super luxury brand )