About Zero Waste Month

Reducing food waste makes the world greener and more sustainable. It’s also a good way to help fight climate change. That’s why we at Flor de Caña, along with bars & restaurants around the world, have launched Zero Waste Month. A full month of delicious sustainable cocktails made from repurposed food waste. Together, our goal is to reduce up to 9 tons of food waste globally and help build a greener future for everyone.

What are Zero Waste Cocktails?

Delicious and sustainable cocktails made using food waste and other sustainable ingredients, while producing no waste in the process!

  • Flor de Caña Rum, a sustainably produced rum that’s Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified.

  • Food leftovers (apt for human consumption) and/or other sustainable ingredients.

  • Garnish made from repurposed scraps or leftovers!

Julio Cabrera


Café La Trova

Name of the Zero Waste Cocktail:

Pastelito Daiquiri and Mi Tierra Old Fashioned

What technique did you use to create the zero waste cocktail?

Left over ingredients to infuse spirits, syrups and bitters.

What made you want to participate and join forces with Flor de Caña for Zero Waste Month?

Understanding the importance of sustainability to make a better world.