The UK Rum Fest, TIKI MADNESS & London Hotel Bars!

The bar industry is an absolutely crazy place sometimes & we always knew that the Rum family were always the most fun-loving criminals of our global bar community. There is something about the people involved with creating, selling & drinking rum that makes them unique individual that are always smiling, dancing & brings happiness to any room they enter. So you can imagine when theres a gathering such as UK Rumfest, organised by none other than Ian ‘Global Rum Ambassador’ Burrell, then the event has all the ingredients for an absolute hell of a party! As Cocktails For You travelled to London to cover this annual spectacle we also took the chance to visit some of our favourite bars & bartenders in one of the global capitols of cocktails.

Day 1 - Total Tiki at Laki Kane: Early morning flights, long transfers & rush-hour traffic wasn’t going to stop us from the opportunity from jumping behind the bar, distilling our own spiced rum or trying some delicious cocktails at London’s newest Tiki bar - Laki Kane! The owner & good friend Georgi Radev has been behind some of London’s best Tiki bars over the years & is well nick-named “Big Papa G” of Tiki in London. Laki Kane is probably one of the most innovative Tiki bars in the game that is both tropical cocktail den on the ground floor as well as rum distillery workshop above. The cocktails are world class, the food is incredible & most importantly the rum workshop we attended hosted by Big Papa G himself educates about the history of rum all while tasting some delicious libations along the way. The final task is to spice & distill your own personalised rum to take away home all under the watchful eye of the rum Gods! The evening took a turn in a move mischievous direction as we were one of the privileged line-up doing 1-hour guest shifts behind the bar of Laki Kane alongside the likes of Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry, Ian Burrell & Oriol Elias. It can be confirmed that were blessed that night as Eddie’s daiquiri twist was so delicious that the Beachbum was personally asking for the recipe…

Name: Smack-Quiri Ingredients: 50ml Don Q Crystal 20ml Fresh Lime Juice 20ml Fresh Grapefruit 10ml Réal Pineapple Syrup 7ml Réal Ginger Syrup 5ml Campari

Method: Shake & Double Strain Glass: Coupe


Day 2 - The Hukilau at Trader Vic’s: The night before was heavy, the rum was flowing & good times were had by all but you cannot let that top you from attending the Réal Cocktail Ingredients sponsored Hukilao Pop-Up at the original Trader Vic’s at the Hilton in Mayfair. Opened in 1951 as the first international outpost in the UK by the now infamous Trader Vic’s restaurant chain it remains largely unchanged all these years later. This was our first time in the legendary location that is Trader Vic’s & the masterclass we were invited to was genuinely a one-of-a-kind experience. Eve Bergeron the grand-daughter of Trader Vic himself took us through the history of the chain showing us some authentic behind-the-scenes photography, menu design photography & inspiration behind the Trader Vic’s brand. There is something truly