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Raise the bar: 10 tips to shake up your bartending skills!

  1. Know your drinks: Study and memorize popular cocktails, spirits, and mixers so you can quickly make drinks and recommend options to customers.

  2. Be personable: Being friendly and approachable can make a huge difference in creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

  3. Master the basics: Practice pouring, shaking, and stirring so you can make drinks with precision and speed.

  4. Keep your bar organized: A tidy bar not only looks better but also helps you work more efficiently.

  5. Stay up to date on industry trends: Attend events and workshops, read industry publications, and follow social media accounts to stay current on trends in the industry.

  6. Be attentive to customers: Pay attention to customers' body language and verbal cues to anticipate their needs and provide excellent service.

  7. Develop your palate: Taste new spirits, try different cocktails, and experiment with flavor combinations to develop your palate and create unique drinks.

  8. Be knowledgeable about food pairings: Knowing which drinks pair well with certain foods can make you a valuable asset to your customers and your establishment.

  9. Stay calm under pressure: Bartending can be fast-paced and stressful, so it's important to stay calm, organized, and focused during busy shifts.

  10. Learn from others: Observe other bartenders, ask for feedback from colleagues and customers, and be open to learning from others to improve your skills and knowledge.


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