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Danil Nevsky stepping down as Co-Owner of Cocktails For You

  • From March 1st Danil Nevsky started a transition process of stepping down as Co-Owner of Cocktails For You & as one of the leading face’s of the company. He will continue to operate in the background throughout a transition process consulting Founder & Owner Eddie Rudzinskas as required. Service will continue as usual & any events already planned for 2020 with partners will be executed uninhibited.

‘Danil has been invaluable to Cocktails For You & I believe his work has helped make Cocktails For You what it is today’ Eddie Rudzinskas. Danil Nevsky is going to take a break from his hectic schedule to work on the future in his home in Barcelona. He will still be representing Cocktails For You at several key events during the 2020 Hospitality Industry calendar globally. Business as Cocktails For You will continue as usual under the leadership of Eddie Rudzinskas as it had for 3 years prior to Danil Nevsky joining the company. Both partners laugh & joke about Danil’s future as he plans writing a book on hospitality & seeking new adventures.

Danil Nevsky joined the company in 2017 & for the last 3 years has been an integral part of the process alongside his partner Eddie Rudzinskas in developing Cocktails For You. During their tenure together Cocktails For You grew to be the largest social media platform across Facebook & Instagram (with over 1,5 million followers globally), travelling all over the world training bartenders, hosting events & judging cocktail competitions. In 2019 they won “Best Social Media’ at the Scandinavian based 'Bartenders Choice Awards’ & made it to the Top 4 at the Spirited Awards from Tales of the Cocktail under the category ‘Best Broadcast, Podcast or Video Series’. We can’t wait to see what Danil Nevsky will be up to next! Follow Danil on Instagram @cocktailman for hos new and adventures.


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