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Cocktails For You is coming to Berlin!

Bar Convent Berlin is definitely the largest bar convention in Europe, attracting the biggest names in the industry from all corners of the globe. The show grows bigger annually with more & more people attracted to it to discover new techniques, ideas & to network. Every year, Cocktails For You is present at the show either as a seminar holder, as guest bartenders, or to work the show itself. So, to give some insight into the show & to tell you what we’ll be up to find below a handy guide to all Cocktails For You activitiesduring Berlin Bar Convent!

Sunday, 6th October

The Mixology & Bar Awards will be held in Berlin to highlight to hard work of the German, Austrian & Swiss hospitality sectors. Cocktails For You salutes our colleagues & will be celebrating at Provocateur hotel for the guest shift of Paradiso cocktail bar from Barcelona. We promise there will be champagne glasses raised for both the winners, the runners-up & those that join us!

Monday, 7th October BCB day one is likely to be an absolute riot! Cocktails For You will be judging the Crystal Head East of Berlin Final directly at the convention. On the same day, there will be an exciting launch of twonew products from DeKuyper that have been developed with infamous bartenders Joerg Meyer from Le Lion in Hamburg & Salvatore Calabrese, the godfather of London bartending.

After that, you will be able to find us at the Schweppes stand alongside André Kohler from Ménage Bar in Munich, sampling some delicious cocktails from 3pm on. Find us at Hall 7, B09. And with fantastic cocktails and Schweppes the day doesn’t end with the exhibition: We’re hitting up the secret after-party from Crystal Head and supported by Schweppes,being held in a new venue from the owners of Sharlie Cheen. We’re sworn to secrecy to not reveal the details but WE WILL be dancing until the sun comes up! Tuesday, 8th October Starting into the day, Cocktails For You will be taking over the DeKuyper stand for 3 hours & invites bartenders to come over to make drinks of their choice. We will film you, take photos of your drinks, get your recipes & share them on our Instagram. It is first come first served, so be quick to make sure you make it on time!

Afterwards, you will find us back to back at two different seminars! “Enhancing Flavours“ by Javier de las Muelas at Demo Bar A & a masterclass by Nils Boese, dubbed “Enfold Taste” at  Demo Bar B , both in association with Schweppes. Nils, one of the coolest presenters we’ve come across, will open up your mind when it comes to taste! You'll be surprised how the taste of a special fillerdevelops over time and how you can improve a drink by using this powerful knowledge.

At night we’ll be back at Provocateur hotel for the guest shift of Jad Ballout from Beirut. He recently opened his second bar, Electric Bing Sutt, & will be bringing someof his Middle Eastern charm to Berlin. But before we hit that up, we’ll be stopping by at Borchardt for the “Homecoming Event” hosted by Schweppes, bringing together family and friends from near and far for a drink “at home”, celebrating the successful second day of Bar Convent Berlin together.

Wednesday, 9th October

The last day of BCB is promoting to be a full one! Bartenders breakfast at the Schweppes stand for some G&T’s with our old friend Steffen Zimmermann. He’ll be mixing with the premium line of Schweppes mixers & promises some unique & interesting new flavour combinations!

Afterwards, Cocktails For You will head over to DeKuyper to make more drinks with visiting bartenders & finally a masterclass with Roberto Serralles from Don Q Rum about their one of a kind distillery in Puerto Rico.

At night, Cocktails For You will be back at Provocateur Hotel, but this time behind the bar making some delicious Rum cocktails with Don Q rum. We’ll be behind the stick with Alexx Mouzouris, the global brand ambassador for Don Q & Yael Vengroff (America’s Best Bartender 2019). There will be rum! There will blended cocktails!

However, this is by no means a full list of all the amazing things that will be going on during BCB but there’s only 2 of us at Cocktails For You! Come by for a G&T, a hug,or even to get a pin. For those interested what other great events will be held during BCB outside our specific schedule, find a handy guide from our friends at Schweppes below:


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