BudmoUA. Cheers! for Ukraine

A Ukrainian charity project for bars

BudmoUA was launched by a group of Spirits industry professionals from Ukraine. The

main mission is to support Ukrainian restaurants that cook for 16 800 people every single day.

This is to provide food to troops and soldiers, medical staff, elderly and children, young mothers

and people in need.

This is how international bars and restaurants can support:

1. Introduce a special cocktail dedicated to Ukraine and donate a voluntary part of its

revenue through website: https://www.budmoua.world/

Mark one or more Cocktails on the menu with a BudmoUA sticker to encourage customers

and guests to cheer in Ukrainian. There are no requirements to the recipe (Sticker Layout is

available on the website).

2. Invite guests and customers to donate directly on the website by QR code (QR code

available for download)

3. BudmoUA offers merchandise layouts ready for print - to show the support. We

provide layouts of T-shirts, coasters, menu sticker and QR code.

4. Organize dedicated fundraising events, like Jazz Evening.

5. If this all not for you, feel free to JUST donate, and we will cheer for you!

Why Budmo?

Budmo is a Ukrainian cheering tradition. Budmo can be translated as «let us be».

The project team supports 26 restaurants from Kyiv and Kharkiv. 552 chefs, bartenders

and volunteers work every day to cook food for 16 800 people.

BudmoUA wants to share the Ukrainian cheering tradition, our culture and our