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Bars invited to join Flor de Caña’s zero waste cocktail program

Cocktails for You is inviting bars to join a global movement tohelp reduce food waste by creating, serving and championing zero waste cocktails, an initiative led by Flor de Caña, a Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified rum.

The family-owned rum company is teaming up with bars and restaurants around the world on a Zero Waste campaign that will take place during the month of July for USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe, and during the month of August for Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. The campaign will showcase participating venues and promote them to customers keen to tackle food waste, one delicious sustainable cocktail at a time.

In addition to benefiting from the promotional activities around the Zero Waste Month campaign, participating venues will also have exclusive access to a Sustainability 101 training session from the expert team at Food Made Good, designed specifically for mixologists and bar staff. Flor de Caña brand ambassadors, who’ll also receive the bespoke training, will be on hand to support the bars as they create and promote their Zero Waste cocktails.

To take part in this free-of-charge sustainability program, bars must create a sustainable cocktail made with Flor de Cañarum, ingredients that would otherwise be wasted and create nowaste in the process, then submit the recipe, a photo, volume of food rescued per serving and full details to Flor de Caña.

About Zero Waste Month

Reducing food waste makes the world greener and more sustainable. It’s also a good way to help fight climate change. That’s why we at Flor de Caña, along with bars & restaurants around the world, have launched Zero Waste Month. A full month of delicious sustainable cocktails made from repurposed food waste. Together, our goal is to reduce up to 9 tons of food waste globally and help build a greener future for everyone.

What are Zero Waste Cocktails? Delicious and sustainable cocktails made using food waste and other sustainable ingredients, while producing no waste in the process!

  • Flor de Caña Rum, a sustainably produced rum that’s Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified.

  • Food leftovers (apt for human consumption) and/or other sustainable ingredients.

  • Garnish made from repurposed scraps or leftovers!

Meet Zero Waste Month Sustainability Ambassadors

Some of the world’s most influential Sustainable Mixologists have joined us to create a greener future together


Co-founder of Laki Kane London, UK For More Info check out or


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