The Strange Origins of the Margarita

I dare say that the Margarita cocktail is at least for me the perfect cocktail any time of the year in any situation. It one of the first you will all learn & one of the easiest to remember. Any version of the cocktail whether it is the straight up, on the rocks or the slush puppy version I support anyone who makes it with fresh juice & quality blanco Tequila. Looking into the history of the drink though we uncover that no one really has any clue of how or where it came from

Confusing Origins. Find below just 'SOME' of the supposed origins of the infamous Margarita: - Early 1930s: Agua Caliente Racetrack in Tijuana and Bertita’s Bar in Tasca, Mexico both claimed to have created the margarita.

- 1935: A bartender at Las Dos Republicas in Matamoros, Mexico supposedly created the drink for a guest named Marguerite Hemery. She loved the cocktail, and he named the drink after her – the “Marguerita”1936: Danny Negrete was a bartender at the Hotel Garci-Crespo in Puebla, Mexico. The drink was a wedding present to his brother’s fiancé, Margarita. - 1937: John Durlesser was Head barman of the Los Angeles bar, McHenry’s Tail O’ the Cock Restaurant, and claims to have invented the cocktail as a tribute to a girlfriend. - 1938: Carlos “Danny” Herrera supposedly created the cocktail for a showgirl