Fun with Rum - The DonQ Rum Distillery

Visiting a rum distillery is tricky business, most of them are based in faraway places that require three plane rides, two boats & a horse drawn carriage to get to. Then there's the added difficulty of procuring VISA's, arranging a visit with a representative(most distilleries don't have visitor centres) & some are in countries with questionable internal political situations(here's looking at you Venezuela). So when Alexx Mouzouris, the global brand ambassador for DonQ rum, called us up with a trip to Puerto Rico to visit the legendary Destileria Serrallés we just couldn't say no!

Brief History

The production of DonQ rum is in the Destileria Serrallés in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The Serrallés family settled in Puerto Rico in circa. 1820 & were originally from Catalunya in Spain. They created sugar plantations in the area & sold to Spain, France & the USA. The first rum created on the current site of the distillery was in 1865, the distillery itself is on the site of the 2nd plantation the Serrallés family founded in 1861 which was originally named "Haci