How to be a more CREATIVE bartender?

- The Theory of Creativity -

Bartenders all over the world regularly argue about traditional cocktail specs, glassware, the correct origins of a cocktail, history & best methodology. We spend endless hours searching books, blogs & forums about information about weird ingredients, strange stories from exotic cultures & fret over the carbon footprint of our limes from Mexico. Have you even tasted Mexican limes IN Mexico? They’re absolutely bizzare!


Methodologies: I believe there are many different ways to approach a cocktail, many different ways to look at the ‘craft’ cocktail culture we’re surrounded by & look at understanding this fast moving industry where old is new & new is old in a matter of months. When trying to understand the behemoth that is the cocktail industry we often try to ‘understand’ or ‘justify’ the things that we do, usually with science, sometimes with pseudo-science & in the more ‘old school’ ways of just using your instinct.