Cocktails For You & the IBA World Cocktail Championships 2018

Cocktails For You has a special relationship with the International Bartenders Association because our founder Eddie Rudzinskas has been a member of Bartenders Association of Ireland for most of his bartending career. In 2014 Eddie represented Ireland at IBA world cocktail championships & took home the Silver medal when the final was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

For us it was a special moment when they called us this year to invited Eddie as a super-final judge for the 44th Annual World Cocktail Championships!



It's an interesting story with the IBA. The International Bartenders Association was founded on Saturday, 24th February 1951in the Saloon of the Grand Hotel in Torquay, U.K.

The delegates representing their guilds agreed on the desirability to set up an International Organisation in order to represent the best bartenders in the world. The World Cocktail Championships is a worldwide, independent competition with 67 countries competing, and has been running for 44 years.

For more information about International Bartenders Association History follow the link bellow:

Even with the recent explosion of the bartending profession globally all connected through the power of the internet it is important to understand that these guys were much more forward thinking considering when they initially formed. They were essentially a union & to this day are the biggest bartending organisation in the world.


World Cocktail Championships This Year The Bartenders Association of each country sent their best bartenders in Estonia to represent their country on the world stage. Flairtending competition and Classic mixing competition 67 countries, 134 bartenders and only 7 gold, 7 silver & 7 bronze medals.

There is 6 categories for classic mixing competition where countries are picked by drawn for which category they compete. Categories : Before dinner drink competit