Cocktail Competitions - The Art of Storytelling.

Following last weeks teaser about the 7 basic plot lines of storytelling are based on essentially the early days of Shakespeare. Most old written stories were created on the basic plots outlined in the picture above & this can be used as the basis for learning how to craft a story whether for a competition, a cocktail in the bar or when developing a seminar about your venue. In this case we’re going to focus on creating a story with regards to a cocktail for a competition. So let us break down the ‘7 Basic Plot Lines’.


- Overcoming the Monster.

This type of story goes back through Beowulf to David and Goliath and surely a lot further than that. It's the classic underdog story. Ad examples include Apple's attack on Big Brother in "1984" and American Express's attempt to dent the dominance of Black Friday with Small Bus