Trends in Bartending that need to go!

We at Cocktails For You travel regularly all over the world & taste a lot of drinks but there are simply some things in bartending that NEED TO GO! This list is an opinion piece based on some 'delicious' things we've encountered recently in the last week of our travels.


1 - Black drinks made with Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can be dangerous for those with certain medication, makes your teeth black & it just doesn’t create a tasty looking beverage. STOP.


2 - Mezcal in everything.

That smoky flavour is just NOT for everyone. I understand you’re excited about the one made with a chicken/pig/turtle in the still & roasted in someone’s back garden mud full of chicken shit. STOP.


3 - Fermented insert ingredient here

If I try another kombucha that has the reminiscent flavour of toe-jam sprinkled with malic acid I’m going to go insane. Just because it’s bubbling or sour doesn’t mean it’s good. STOP.


4 - Fake Sustainability