33 Bartenders you have to see before you DIE!

We at Cocktails For You go to bars to see bartenders. Here's our list of bartenders we love & suggest you go out of your way to see in action or meet.

This list is simply OUR OPINION. There’s only 2 of us running this platform & we can’t be everywhere around the world. We have been served a drink by these bartenders.

This list is NO particular order so there is NO rank included but these people might just change your life.

1. Enrico Gonzato

Why? One of the greatest hosts you'll ever experience who will predict your every need & want. Signature #Vivimiscelato included. Bar: Dandelyan, London


2. Vitaly Alexey

Why? A 5-star experience wrapped in business casual, slinging classics or original cocktails with a permanent smile.  Bar: The Duchess, Amsterdam


3. Brian Silva

Why? One of the godfathers of the London bartending scene. It's getting a drink from your favourite uncle. Get a negroni! Bar: Balthazar, London


3. Mariia Baranets