Martini La Classica | 5 Italian-style Cocktails | Cycling around!

Here at Cocktails For You we spend a lot of time covering numerous events around the globe - there’s bar shows, conferences, products launches, awards ceremonies and competitions. Never before had we been asked to travel somewhere to watch bartenders, generally a pretty unfit bunch, cycle for 2 days in order to raise money for charity. There would be little alcohol, no one is raising awareness for their product and generally everyone is talking bananas, hydration & stamina. We didn’t really think this could be something we would get THAT into ourselves but never have we been proven so wrong before & never have we wanted to get on a bike more than after the MARTINI RACING Ciclismo La Classica!

The premise: MARTINI has been sponsoring numerous sports related activities for over 100 years now and specifically the Martini Racing team has existed for over 50 and we think that’s insane considering the events that happened around the world in the last century! As people we’ve come to become sceptical of big brands sponsoring anything nowadays, especially if you consider that alcohol & sport are two things that can be completely counter-productive to one another.

Yet we at Cocktails For You believe in human beings and behind every brand there are people with emotions, ideas & passion. Every sceptic is just a disappointed optimist and after the La Classica event Cocktails For You had definitely had its spirits lifted!


So the idea behind La Classica was very simple - take 45 bartenders from every corner of the world, help them prepare for 2/3 months before the event & then have them cycle 240 kilometres through vermouth and Asti country in the Piedmonte region of Italy with the finish line being the historical home of Martini in Pessione. All of this was done also to raise money for international charity “Wine to Water” which provides safe drinking water around the world where it is hard to get it.

Our job at Cocktails For You was to follow the riders, cover the event on our Instagram channel & have our own Aperitivo Cocktail Tour to highlight classic Italian cocktails, new twists and an original or two. We were also collaborated earlier in the year with Martini & hosted our own online competition where we picked a winner at random to join us for this event in Italy. Our lucky winner was Mariia Baranets from Ukraine, she was our champion of the La Classica event, an avid biker and it was her dream to come to Italy for many years, so we were proud that her first time was with Cocktails For You!


The Aperitivo Tour:

We had five stops on this trip on our way to the home of Martini & we had to create/re-create five cocktails that wer