'Putin' the FUN back in Bar Shows!

Moscow Bar Show (MBS for short) isn’t a new kid on the block & yet it is one of the most overlooked bar events in the industry calendar globally. From notoriously difficult VISA applications, the overall “SCARY” global political climate & the fact it isn’t even held in Moscow even anymore. Ever since the financial crisis & that the Russian Federation became a “Black Market” aka you can’t advertise alcohol on the streets anymore the marketing budgets have dried up considerably. Yet everyone knows the Russian’s down go down without a fight! MBS has come back to kick some ass & chew bubble gum except its all out of bubble gum.

Cocktails For You, alongside a slew of international speakers, was invited this year to participate as part of the event. Eddie, the founder of the platform, was a guest speaker with our signature seminar “The Power of Social Media”, we had a special guest shift alongside Banks Rum with the European Brand Ambassador Alison Bartrop & we were on hand to capture ALL the seminar action by Live-streaming everything online.


The Big 3 Moments