How to be a better bartender? The King of Technique

An original series from Cocktails For You where the prime focus is how to improve your game in Bartending industry. From inspirational ideas, modern techniques, helpful hints & useful tips to help you develop further in you career. This is a second of an introductory 3 part series, the first article was on Knowledge to read that click HERE.


Picking up where we left off with regards to becoming a better bartender. In the last blog we touched on “Knowledge” & this time we’re going to go down the route of “Technique”.

Before we go on I ask all bartenders to remember the following:

The Basics - Knowledge, Technique & Social Skills.

These are the 3 key elements of any quality bartender. We are all different & some of us are better at one thing than the other BUT all 3 need to work together to become GREAT.