Cocktails For You does Cognac!

Travelling to the heart of France to discover all things grown on the vine, aged in oak & carefully crafted for the whole world to enjoy. We were invited to take part in the Rémy Martin Bartender Talent Academy. Find out all the details below!


There are a lot of cool things about this job. We used to think bartending was the most sociable job in the world (despite the nocturnal existence), but really, running a social channel covering this amazing profession kinda tops it. And then there’s having Rémy Martin call you up to come and experience Cognac (liquid and locale) in all its glory, snapping shots and judging their amazing global competition, the Bartender Talent Academy. The idea behind this Academy was to bring brilliant minds together over some fine cognac whilst sharing ideas, techniques and methods from around the world. By doing this there is an opportunity to create a network of bartenders globally all sharing our passion and love for quality cognac made by Rémy Martin.

I arrived pretty late – my flight was delayed and I got into Bordeaux well after dark. I hopped in a cab and began the drive to Cognac, eventually arriving after dinner, with all the international finalists gathered merrily around a table that was perhaps worryingly bestowed with fine Rémy Martin. They immediately presented t