Stuck in the Midleton Distillery with you...

Fibre-optic cable distillery, 75,000 litre pot stills & history dating back all the way to the 17th century. The Midleton distillery produces the worlds leader in Irish Whiskey, amongst other brands, yet the guys at the site aren't looking to slow down anytime soon...


They say that its something to have the luck of the Irish, yet the Irish told we were lucky that on the day we're visiting the Midleton Distillery in Cork the sun was out & there wasn't even a cloud in the sky. Thousands have visited the magnificent venue to drink, be merry & learn a thing or two about their favourite drop of whiskey.

Any good bartender worth his salt should make the pilgrimage to the good city of Cork for this journey. Naturally being "good bartenders" when we got the call from Jamesons about an opportunity to visit the home of one of our favourite whiskeys we couldn't turn the offer down!

So theres barrels of whiskey, bottles of whiskey & most importantly the first room has a magnificent whiskey chandelier. Now there's probably been tomes written about the production processes, the capacity & some of the more notable whiskey blogs might get directly into the nitty gritty of it all. There's some things we particularly took away from the experience though that stood out to us at Cocktails For You.


The location has survived world wars, political turmoil, famines & multiple corporate mergers & yet walking through the distillery with our guide for the first part of our tour you can help but realise that the entire staff are family, friends or some sort of relatives. That many of their key members have been working at the distillery for generations & will probably still be there for generations to come. We as bartenders spend a lot of time giving grief to big corporate companies for one reason or another.

Yet, how can you not force a smile when one of the workers walking past out guide is his son, then an older gentleman comes around the corner & call our guide "nephew". This place was built by a family, supports families & we a gentle warming feeling fills our hearts as we're