Tales of the Cocktail - Run 'N' Gun Guest Bartending

What happens when you lock 7 hot shot bartenders in a room full of booze, shakers & a video camera? Over 6 hours of cocktail mayhem - 1,234 Corpse Reviver No. 2's, 811 Gin Basil Smashes & G'n'Ts than the volume of the Mississippi River...

When the running order contains the likes of legendary flair bartender Christian Delpech, the Savoy's finest Martin Hudak & bar manager of Scandinavia's best boutique hotel Chris Grotvedt you know you're in for a bumpy ride for the next couple of days or so...


We'd arrived quite early in the day to the Backspace Bar in New Orleans & the premise from our brief was simple. Royal Dutch Distillers were locking some of the best in the bar & giving them free reign over some of the portfolio. Our minds were ready but our livers were not!

One of our favourite cocktails from the event was this savoury, citrusy & pungent deliciousness from one the hardest working Slovaks in the bar industry of Europe. The cocktail could only be described as having a stampede of unicorns with electric hooves run across your tongue as you orgasm.

Verde e Blu by Martin Hudak

30ml Rutte Celery Gin

30ml Lime Juice

1bsp Sugar Syrup

50ml Italics Rosolio de Bergamotto

Green jalapeño