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Bacardi Legacy 2017 Global Final

“So Cocktails For You can you come over the Bacardi Legacy Global final?”

38 Competitors…

38 Personalities…

38 Lives on the line…

We’ve come such a long way since the beginning of our journey with Bacardi this year & the trip has been completely unforgettable. They say that we should always remember that all we do is make drinks & that we’re not neurosurgeons. I think that they say this to bring us back down to Earth from the lofty clouds of mixology that we sometimes get our heads stuck in.

But maybe…

…maybe watching 38 of the worlds premier bartenders who have spent the last year creating a cocktail comparable to liquid art, moulding together a story that speaks from the heart & sacrificing a year of their lives to bring it all to life is something worth respecting.

Something more than just cleaning ashtrays, checking toilets & refilling napkin holders.

So here at Cocktails For You we bow our heads to every single one of you champions who has made it this far in the Legacy gauntlet & laid it all on the line in front of the judges. We salute your resilience, creativity, determination & individuality.

“Thank you for gifting us a piece of your life”

It would take an epic novel to describe the performances over the course of the semi-finals & global finals. Every single competitor had something unique to bring to the table & tried to leave a Legacy worthy in the future & here at Cocktails For You we would like to give a special mention to 2 particular performances. Loreta Toska from Greece spoke of her personal quest & internal battle between her heritage & to always look for the Silver Lining during those struggles that you will encounter in your life. She managed to artfully incorporate a unique serve with ice cream whilst narrating us her struggle to be accepted by the Greek community due to her heritage. As she took the final bow the loudest cheers from the crowd were coming definitively from the Greek supporters & there can be no denying that her the whole of Hellas region was behind her on that evening. Nicolas Munoz was on completely the other end of the spectrum. Eccentric style coupled with a unique chic only a confident Frenchman can wear to battle, his drink “Lets Go Bananas!” was on the complete other end of the spectrum. He focused on emotions & the future with regards to what he wanted to leave behind. All of those things sounds great and all but in the words of Robin Williams character in “Good Will Hunting” “…But I’ll bet you CAN’T tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel. You’ve never actually stood there and looked up at that beautiful ceiling; seen that…”

For those of you who can’t wait any further follow us to the Cocktails For You Facebook page & check out the performance in ALL its glory.

Ran Van Ongevalle – The Pharmacy in Belgium – Champion of Bacardi Legacy 2017 They say pictures are worth a 1,000 words & yet not even 100,000 can even begin to describe the presentation of Ran that evening. I can only imagine the hours of preparation that went into that piece of stage art that we were lucky enough to witness it as it was unfolding.

Let the cocktail speak for itself:

Ran Van Ongevalle –

"Family, we may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

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Cocktails_for_you  Danil & Eddie @ Bacardi Legacy #cocktailsforyou

We do everything as bartenders, for bartenders.

We do everything with passion, to inspire passion.



Danil & Eddie @ Bacardi Legacy #cocktailsforyou

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