Ice revolution in drinking culture

The world of cocktails is rapidly evolving. A constant array of new combinations of colours, flavours, aromas coupled with out of this world garnishes and serving rituals that pushes the boundaries of bartending into the real of art. Bartenders are frequently finding inspiration from other industries around us such as chocolatiers, perfumers, chefs and bakers. This shifts the paradigm of the bartending profession beyond its usual borders whilst still paying homage to the roots of the classics.

Clear ice and drinks are made with all care and tension for customer experience.

In recent times, a major influence on the bartending industry has come from the land of the rising Sun. In the Japanese bartending culture ice is of the major importance with advancing techniques of ice carving leading to some beautiful different types of shapes and sizes. The focus of the giant crystal clear ice block being chipped away at depending on the drink ordered either for the serve or for shaking creating the ultimate control in temperature, texture and level of dilution.