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Hidden Gem in Lisbon the Red Frog Speakeasy

Red Frog Speakeasy Lisbon , Portugal

Located on the most luxurious avenue of Lisbon, “Avenida da Liberdade”, there is a concept that aim to serve and show what is best made in the art of bar and cocktails, with great inspiration in Speakeasy concept that arises from cities like London and New York, especially during the period of the “dry law” or “Prohibition” in the United States, but with the identity of Lisbon city, country and culture, making this speakeasy unique.

The idea of their vision is to share the various periods where they were more visible and creative culture and consumption of cocktails. From the golden age of cocktails, early 19th century, through the “Prohibition” in the 20s early 30s, or even revolutionary periods the years 50-70, culminating in the modernity of the Disco era 90s of the cocktails to the present.
You will always hear from nice swing or classy jazz in the background , sometimes bit of funk and rock that help create the desired atmosphere.The decor is very cosy and has been inspired by late 20 ́s and 30 ́s, with complete isolation from the outside world from entering the bar, and the intention of being a social bar regaining the bohemian spirit, festive and point against all lovers of the world of bar and social fellowship.

This place gives you real experience and good joy of Taste of Portugal. Emanuel Minêz one of the owners will always give the warm welcome to Red Frog and make you feel like at home, while young bartender Diogo Lopez will make something exciting. Drinks looks really unforgettable and combined with good taste leaves unbelievable experience of Portuguese hospitality.

During The Lisbon Bar Show 2016 me self Eddie (aka cocktails for you ), Petar Grishev, Marek Posluzny and Tomasz Malek visited Red Frog Here is some info about Red Frog : Red Frog Speakeasy Rua Do Salitre 5ALisboa 1250-196, Portugal Monday to Wednesday from 6pm to 2am Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to 4am Close on Sunday

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