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Liquid Market Vienna - Revolutionary New Bar EVENT!

Over the weekend 40 of the best bars of Germany & Austria were all on stage in Vienna making thousands of drinks over the course of 3 days to over 5,000 cocktail connoisseurs. The event itself is called the “Liquid Market” & where there are cocktails there is of course Cocktails For You ready to drink them, report on all the details & share with all of our bartenders followers out there about what happening. We believe that Vienna, the Liquid Market & the bar community of this city really stole our heart. So lets dive into why this event is different from so many others in this industry!

The ‘Cocktail Market’ Its a very simple concept where for a set price ticket you’re given access to the event where you can drink to your hearts content everything from cocktails from some of the best bars in the region as well as wine, beer & coffee. The whole event is held in the open gardens of Volksgarten in the heart of Vienna. Theres enough space to hold around 1000 people comfortably, the atmosphere is great & there’s something for everyone. Sometimes bartenders forget that it is consumers who pay the bills at the end of the day & this event allows the general public taste cocktails in an approachable manner in the right setting.

It never gets too crowded, theres music & enough food available for those who stay for the long run. The bartenders have a chance to promote their bars to those present, chat amongst themselves whilst sharing ideas, techniques & recipes. If you’re a bartender who’s never been in Vienna or Austria this is the event to visit where you can really get to know everyone.