How to be a REAL bartender - Manual from 1900 by Harry Johnson

Everyday at Cocktails For You we receive over 200 messages asking us numerous questions about the bartending profession. One of the most important questions is - HOW DO I BECOME A BARTENDER/HOW DO I GET BETTER? - this question is difficult to answer because this profession doesn't have a university you can go to get a degree in the trade. A lot of the knowledge comes from on-the-job training provided at any bartending establishment you find yourselves working in. Your ability will always be a combination of your innate set of skills, your ambition & your training. None of this is a recipe for success in the industry unfortunately. Modern bartending books do not discuss some finer intricacies of the profession like behaviour, appearance & rules of a 'good' establishment. Luckily for you Cocktails For You has a guide from 1900 that covers all these topics from Harry Johnson himself. Full book you can download HERE!