A 'professional' career in bartending - Danil Nevsky

Dear young bartenders everywhere. This is a series aimed at you, to highlight careers of known bartenders in order to share a path & provide light at the end of the tunnel. So you want to have an awesome career in bartending? You want to make drinks, lead bar programs, create 'concepts' & travel the world preaching about spices, techniques & ideas. You're young but you've read through more than 10 books about distillation, rotary evaporators, the yeast used in Wild Turkey Bourbon & can tell your Gin from your Genever. Armed with a bar spoon in one hand & your pineapple in the other you're ready & set to conquer the world! Have I got news for you kid... I'm not here to try to sound like an old man(because I'm not) & neither am I here to tell you how to live your life(which is just a waste of energy). What I will do is share the last 10 years of my bartending career with you in the hopes to clarify the reality of what could happen & the road you might face ahead. 

In a nutshell I've bartended full-time in Spain, Netherlands & Scotland having learned everything at the start in the city of Aberdeen & matured in the city of Amsterdam. In between we launched a project here at Cocktails For You called 'The Vagabond Project' which aimed at sending me to 12 bars in 12 countries over 12 months. The aim to explain how the hell you get from the picture on the above left (19 years old) to the picture on the above right (28 years old). Please note I do NOT own a bar called "Nevsky Bar" but that's just a hilarious coincidence in Finland.

If the aim for you is all of the above in order to broaden your horizons & achieve the a career in Hospitality there are some things you need to understand in your chosen vocation.

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