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7 Brand Ambassadors we LOVE!

We at Cocktails For You believe in brand ambassadors, they're the messy glue that links brands with bartenders & support the industry. Nowadays there are as many brand ambassadors as there are brands & its sometimes hard to keep up with all of them.

Find below some of our favourite personalities we've encountered in the past year.


1. Daniyel Jones

Why? There are few brand ambassadors that we meet that fully encapsulate not on their brand like Daniyel does. That being said he is so much more than that & we believe he is also the global brand ambassador of Trinidad & Caribbean culture. Everything he does is with a smile on his face, his heart on his sleeve & with soul.

Brand: Angostura

Position: Global Brand Ambassador


2. Alexx Mouzouris

Why? It sometimes feels as if Alexx was born into the wrong era. Signature 50s greaser look I'm pretty sure he doesn't fly anywhere but rather rocks up on a Harley Davidson to tastings. Rum knowledge that is beyond reproach he know all the best spots in all the world corners switching from the best local dive bar into barrel specifics in milliseconds. Ask him about the gummy bears...

Brand: DonQ

Position: Global Brand Ambassador


3. Lucille (No one knows her surname)

Why? The amount of sheer energy Lucille brings into the room is infectious & irreplaceable. A unique French "Je ne sais quoi" or "X-Factor" that grips you & doesn't let go. Dropping truth bombs about production while helping us drink 'French Fluently'. 

Brand: St Germain

Position: Brand Ambassador France


4. Ignacio Vazquez

Why? We will always remember him as "The Papi". Eloquently dressed at all times he is a constant reminder to men everywhere what it is to be a true gentleman. Regardless he is a man who in a room full of people will always find the time to look you in the eye & listen. Then he'll get you a shot & challenge you to a dance off!

Brand: Bacardi Position: Premium Portfolio Spain


5. Laura Schacht


One of the smartest brand advocacy we've ever met, if she's not fermenting something in her lab she's geeking out over distillation. Whatever you're into she's probably/most definitely has a book, podcast or resource for you to help you get to the next level. Hidden dark sense of humour but do not poke a sleeping bear.

Brand: DeKuyper Position: Global Education & Advocacy Manager


6. Nils Boese


Oh did you write off Jager as a frat boy spirit? Well do I have news for you! Nils is laid back & chill about his brand but don't let that relaxed demeanour full you or don't let your "knowledge" of Jagermeister as 'just' being a bomb fool you. This man's masterclasses are one of a kind & his knowledge of German booze history is on point. 

Brand: Jägermeister Position: Global Brand Ambassador


7. Ansis Ancovs


Don't let that 'boy next door' smile fool you because this man is a machine! Tasked with unifying the Baltic states when he isn't running bout & down that belt doing masterclasses for Monkey Should he is probably trying to help the bartending community in any other way he can. Jewel.

Brand: Willian Grants & Sons Position: Brand Ambassador Baltic

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