The Cocktails For You Story

The Story of Cocktails For You. Cocktails For You hit a milestone this week, after 6 years since the group was created on Facebook we’d finally hit 1 million followers. We’d made a promise to ourselves that if that happened we would have to celebrate in style, treat ourselves a little bit but at the same time try to keep ourselves grounded & remember our roots.

Queue us pouring Dom Perignon into paper cups in a parking lot somewhere in the heart of Slovakia. But it never started out this way & Cocktails For You was never originally a project that thought it was grow into what it is today. So we’d like just to share with you our story...

Humble Origins. 2012 - 2016.

Cocktails For You was founded by Eddie Rudzinskas, a Lithuanian born bartender who emigrated to Ireland over 13 years ago, as a page on Facebook that would allow him to separate his private & work lives.

He combined his passion for cocktails with his passion for photography & set himself a task to upload 1 picture a week to his page to try to push himself to create new drinks regularly & therefore try out new ideas to get better at his job. Living in Monaghan Town in Ireland with a population of 7,500 people he set out to see where his bartending career would take him.