How to be a better bartender? Preparation Techniques - Chef-tenders!

An original series from Cocktails For You where the prime focus is how to improve your game in Bartending industry. From inspirational ideas, modern techniques, helpful hints & useful tips to help you develop further in you career. This is a second of an introductory "Technique Series", the first article was on Physical Technique to read that click HERE.


Picking up where we left off with regards to becoming a better bartender. In this blog we're going to talk about "Drinks Preparation" & touch slightly upon inspiration as a concept.

Before we go on I ask all bartenders to remember the following:

The Basics - Knowledge, Technique & Social Skills.

These are the 3 key elements of any quality bartender. We are all different & some of us are better at one thing than the other BUT all 3 need to work together to become GREAT.

Drinks Preparation Technique & Inspiration:

There are as many different ways to prepare drinks as there are drinks themselves, there have been huge books written better authors than myself about the history, methodology & ideology of drinks making. In this blog post we'd like to cover all 3 of the above in as a quick summary to get everyone up to speed before diving into specifics at a later date.

It is important that inspiration for drinks preparation can come from anywhere - sound, smell & taste are interlinked & the root of inspiration is as much from the world around us as it in based in our own minds & ideas. The importance here is the process of critically thinking about the goal you want to achieve or just paying attention to your surroundings.

History: Almost all common techniques associated with the preparation of ingredients that eventually go into cocktails have come from chefs & the world of food.