How to be a better bartender - Smarter, faster & stronger!

An original series from Cocktails For You where the prime focus is how to improve your game in Bartending industry. From inspirational ideas, modern techniques, helpful hints & useful tips to help you develop further in you career.


Bartending is a unique profession historically - in most countries you can’t start work as a bartender until you’re 18 years old, typically it is part time work while you study for a “real job”. Of course this isn’t always the case & it varies from country to country as well as situation to situation. The biggest issue with our profession is that there isn’t a bartending university where you can get a certified degree & any bartending schools out there generally have courses that don’t last longer than 1 month & are questionable at best!

Bartending is a hands-on profession, you can only get better with time & experience from working in different places. Also it is important to set yourself goals & targets of where you want to be in the future, there will be an article later in time regarding bartending career opportunities & possibilities

There are many directions for a bartender to develop - Flair, Cocktail, Wine & Beer. Based on our personal experience we’re going to give advice based on how to become a better COCKTAIL bartender.


The Basics - Knowledge, Technique & Social Skills.

These are the 3 key elements of any quality bartender. We are all different & some of us are better at one thing than the other BUT all 3 need to work together to become GREAT!


How many of you know at least 3 key points about every product you carry on the backbar of your venue?

Knowledge can be broken down in a few key aspects - Knowledge of product, knowledge of bartending history & knowledge of modern bartending culture.