Extreme Cocktail Ingredients - CAMEL MILK

First we milked a horse (blog link here) and now we milked a CAMEL. In our travels around the cocktail world you sometimes end up encountering some pretty strange ingredients that bartenders end up throwing into shakers in order to try to push the boundaries of cocktails further & further.


In 1993 when they released the infamous "Got Milk?" commercial to help promote milk consumption in the USA I'm sure the TYPE of milk they had in mind didn't come from a hairy, orange, spitting, angry camel. I guess cows don't grow everywhere so if you're thirst for some of the white stuff you've got to sometimes make do with whats at hand, right?

Que our friends from Bargmaglot Bar in Kazakhstan with another one of their ridiculous ideas & boundary pushing concepts. Interestingly enough is the pure lengths that these guys go to in their quest for tasty beverages. Not only did they scout a camel farm over 2 hours drive away from the city (THANK YOU DAULET BEKET FARM) but they managed to bring back years of research back with them to deliver on the findings.

Before we dive into the tasty specifics of their drink recipes here are some interesting camel facts:

  • Camels have to be milked by hand only

  • General life expectancy for a camel is 35-45 years

  • Female camels only give birth to 1 offspring every 2 years, those offspring are nurtured for up to 2 years

  • They milk two breeds of camels - Arabian & Bactrian. Arabian camels give 7-8 litres of milk per day whilst Bactrian 3-4 but the Bactrian milk is fattier

  • In the summer a camel can be milked 3 times per day, in the winter only 2 times

  • Kazakhstan consumes 70 tons of "Shubat" - read soured camel milk - per year



Due to the very particular nature of the production of camel milk including the intricacies of the livestock most of the raw milk from camels is processed into a fe