The Bacardi Legacy SEU Finals 2018

Let the games begin!

The Bacardi Legacy South Eastern European finals holds a special place in the heart of Cocktails For You. It was our first gig a company, it was the first time a big company had trusted us with something so important for them such as their international cocktail competition & you can say it was where the Legacy of Cocktails For You as it is now was really born.


We follow the journey of the competitors of Spain, Portugal, Italy & France closely every year & personally we think that the stories of some of these amazing individuals are some of the most relatable & human of the entire competition. The finalists & their supporting cast hang on to every word, every risky moment has us sitting on the edge of our seats & the stories so unique that it is really impossible to tell who would come out on top as champion.

This years finals were set in the Eternal City of Rome & like all the roads we were led to a stage worthy of the grandiose nature of the Bacardi Legacy Competition, it was the 10th anniversary after all! Now the preliminary days are filled with marketing presentations we're not allowed to be witness to, the meeting & greeting of the