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When Cocktails For You does Flair aka Flairsupply WFA Grand Slam

We at Cockails For You have always supported the art of the flair bartender. Our earliest heroes were all flair bartenders, we remember practicing hand stalls & smashing all the glasses.

So when one of the worlds leading flair companies casually sends us a message - "How would you like to be a part of our latest Grand Slam" we couldnt pass on the opportunity to support the other half of the bartending circuit.

Over 50 competitors including the current best female flair brtender Ayako Kumashiro as well as the Top 6 in the current world rankings - Marek Poluszny, Miika Mehtio, Alexander Shtifanov, Luca Valentin, Deniss Trifanovs & Roman Zapata.

All will face against each other for a prize pool of 7,000 euros grand prize for the first time being held in Budapest, Hungary.

It's easy to forget the importance of the Flair bartending circuit for most contemporary bartenders with our moustaches, tattoos & suspenders. Yet some of bartendings earliest ambassadors are judging this competition - Christian Delpech & Tom Dyer.

The popularity of "working flair" has risen massively recently as well as flair competitors moved away from flair to mixology. Flair has continued to effect our job & will continue to do so & here at Cocktails For You we support this!

Stay tuned for more info from us here at Cocktails For You & don't forget to check out Flair Comp for the full Livestream on the day!

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