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Netherlands best bartenders Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse announced in September that they were looking for a location for their first cocktail bar. After almost 10 years, the duo behind Amsterdam Cocktail Week, Perfect Serve Barshow and Difford's Guide NL left the internationally renowned speakeasy bar Door 74. The location was found in the Odeon, a national Dutch monument at Singel 460 in the heart of Amsterdam. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails opens her doors to the public in mid-December. Whoever wants to stay informed could already follow the cocktail bar on

Finding the perfect location in a month. How do you do that? For Tess Posthumus, already 3 years in the top 10 best bartenders in the world, and Timo Janse, that was not as easy as it seems. "For three years we are talking about our own bar and we were actively looking for more than two years. And then you sometimes come to be surprised”, says Posthumus. A slot machine obligation that suddenly turns up just days before signing the contract, or a withheld Owners Association document that appears to contain a complete foundation recovery. The request to property owners from Posthumus and Janse to get in touch did not come as a surprise.

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails The duo can now look back smiling. Janse: "By sending out a press release that we were looking for a property, we got a lot of media attention and it worked.” After the news spread, our mailbox exploded. Dozens of tips came in, including a message from Bert van der Leden of IQ Creative about the beautiful location of Singel 460. Posthumus and Janse rent the front room, where former beer café Hoppa was located.

Half December, cocktail bar Flying Dutchmen Cocktails opens in the national monument at Singel 460 in Amsterdam. Stay informed via

Pop-up Whoever can’t wait and wants to taste the creations of Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse can go to TNT Cocktails, the pop-up of the duo. During the Food Stage in Melkweg, two of their signature cocktails are served every Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 23:00h.

Find out more about the guys behind :

Tess Posthumus studied Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and completed her Sociology Master in 2014. Since 2009, she worked at the Amsterdam bar Door 74. Her talent has not gone unnoticed: Tess won various national competitions and became the international winner of Disaronno's Mixing Star in 2013. By 2015, she was not only the best of the Netherlands at Diageo’s World Class, during the Global Final in Cape Town, Posthumus became the Best Female Bartender Worldwide. Tess travels the world as a freelance hospitality professional and is responsible for 'Best Hotel Bar Amsterdam' The Tailor at NH Krasnapolsky and VANE Skybar in NH Collection Eindhoven Center. Tess is hired internationally as a consultant, develops signature cocktails, talks weekly about cocktails on BNR Nieuwsradio, and writes every month for Delicious, Vrienden Magazine and hospitality magazine Misset Horeca. Her first book Cocktails met Tess (NL) has recently been published by Carrera Culinary and her own line of cocktail shakers has been in stores since this summer. The English version of her book, Cocktails with Tess, will be in stores December ’17.

Timo Janse started in the hospitality industry in 2000 and since then made at least 600,000 cocktails, gave seminars in more than 24 countries and is a Dutch board member of the International Bartender Association. Janse has been working as a manager of the internationally renowned cocktail bar Door 74 since 2008 and has won many national and international cocktail competitions in recent years. Janse is also responsible for the non-alcoholic cocktail competition Shake It! and is he the author of the same non-alcoholic cocktail book.

Joint projects Since 2017, hospitality professionals Tess Posthumus, Timo Janse and Albert van Beeck Calkoen have organised Amsterdam Cocktail Week. For a week, Amsterdam's most prominent bars give workshops and develop signature cocktails in collaboration with an alcoholic and non-alcoholic brand. All to reduce the still existing threshold of the cocktail and to offer the non-alcoholic variety the spotlight it deserves. In addition to Amsterdam Cocktail Week, the duo is owner of Perfect Serve Barshow, the annual bar convent for high end hospitality, which will take place in the Westerunie Amsterdam on 27 and 28 May 2018. Timo Janse and Tess Posthumus also represent Difford's Guide NL, the online bartender platform, with a database of over 4000 cocktail recipes and a million monthly visitors. Door 74 Speakeasy cocktail bar Door 74 opened its doors in 2008, making it the first speakeasy bar in Western Europe. The bar has won multiple (inter)national awards and was nominated by Tales of the Cocktail for Best New Cocktail Bar in 2009 and Best International Cocktail Bar in 2014. Led by Timo and Tess, Door 74 was listed three years in a row at the World's 50 Best Bars, with a top spot of #15. After 9 and 8 years, the duo left speakeasy Door 74 to focus on their ongoing projects and opening their own bar.

You have worked incredibly hard. Good luck! We are proud of you.

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