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Cocktail Spirits Paris 2017

Ah the city of love, where croissants have been trending longer than than the existence of the United States of America, where black is the new black(permanently) & where Cocktails For You takes romantic photos near the Eiffel Tower whilst sipping on Americano cocktails.

The Cocktail Spirits bar show is probably the most Hipster bar show in Europe. Speakers are carefully picked & every year the lineup fails to disappoint. This year the P(our) Symposium was the highlight of the show with gender taking centre stage. Carina Soto Velasquez was a particularly inspiring a she retold the story of her personal struggle as a female bartender in the bar industry. Her presentation focussed on her company, her staff & their aim to creating a truly gender equal company whilst still maintaining an ethos of hiring based on ability as well as performance.

What we can take from this is that going forward coaching & guidance are key to solving this issue. That is something we all need to be behind & focus on.

That being said every bar show has a heart a soul & we're glad to say we think the Bacardi-Martini team were definitely that for this year. Functioning as one unit of joy, happiness that bounced of each other naturally bringing just the kind of energy to visitors & other stands need to get through 2 days of high-octane work.

You can check out the Cocktails For You photos of the event on our Facebook page

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