How to make clear ice at home!

Ice is undoubtably one of the most important aspects of a cocktail regardless of what cocktail you're trying to create. Ice can make or break a well made any stirred drink & drastically alter the perception & flavour of the final cocktail depending on what kind of water you're using. Although nowadays most large cities have ice providers that make & sell ice blocks as well as the entire market has expanded into ice stamps, speciality machines & moulds.

Regardless of whether you're a veteran bartender or a fresh behind the stick it is important to understand how ice freezes & especially crystal clear ice. This will help you understand how ice machines work & how to better use ice in your cocktails. Since 2012 one of the leading figures on the discussion of ice has been Camper English based out of San Francisco.

His experiments on his website - ALCADEMICS - have paved the way for bartenders making crystal clear ice at home & in smaller independent bars with space to make crystal clear ice at home. We will share one of his guides here on Cocktails For You to get you started & if you're interested in reading more head over to his website for a full index of experiments!