Bartender Inspiration - Cocktails for the Holidays

Bartenders all over the world both love & hate the Holiday season because it means first time drinkers, long hours & crazy requests! Never the less if you can look past the Grinch inside you there are plenty of ways to stay creative & be inspired by the festive period. Here are Cocktails For You here are some ways we've been playing around with flavours of the holiday spirit!

Name: Christmas Cosmo Ingredients: 40ml Vodka 20ml Mandarin Napoleon

25ml Lime Juice

40ml Cranberry Juice

2 Dashes of Cranberry Bitters

Method: Shake & Strain Although originally popularised by the infamous Sex & the City the inclusion of cranberries drives this definitely into the holiday season. Taking out the triple sec & substituting some Mandarin Napoleon drives this firmly into the festive season.