The problem with Sherry

Dear hipster bartenders, I just love your romantic notions of moving to sunny Andalusia & monologues about the Renaissance of Sherry. You’re all masters of the Bamboo cocktail or the Adonis as you wax on about the mythological properties of the Solera system as some sort of rare Pokemon card of knowledge. Before I dive in I must say Sherry is one of my beloved top 3 categories in spirits, I event did a preface for an amazing book called “Sherry by Talia Baiocchi” for its Italian translation published by Readrink & have travelled numerous times to Jerez to visit Bodegas!

Wait you haven’t heard of Sherry? Well that brings me to my first point…

NO one really has ANY idea what the deal is You can make the argument for Spain & the UK as well as parts of the US but realistically outside of that specific range the only thing you’re likely to find if you try your hardest is Tio Pepe Fino Sherry. Oh are you one of our followers from outside Anyone without prior knowledge what Fino Sherry is about is likely to open it, taste it & decide that it was a huge waste of money then either leave it on the shelf to oxidise or throw it in the bin. Your second best bet is some type of Pedro Ximenez being available on the market that is usually used as a substitute for sugar syrup & usually turns most drinks a delicious brown.

Although there will be bars around the world that will champion Sherry through its use in classic cocktails or attempt to promote it as a food pairing to Spanish tapas in the end everything ALWAYS comes down to VOLUME. I’ve seen bartending websites globally reporting Sherry as a trend or being part of another trend for the last 5 years: - 2013 - THE TELEGRAPH - 2014 - FORBES MAGAZINE - 2015 - THE SPIRITS BUSINESS - 2016 - FOOD REPUBLIC - 2017 - SHERRY.WINE - 2018 - THE DRINKS BUSINESS

Do you want to know what Sherry sales look like for 2002 - 2016 well have a look below:

That is because the usual demographic of Sherry drinkers is 55+, the average life expectancy is around 80 & that generation isn’t sticking around for as long as we think it could. So sales are declining, most people have no idea what it is & you cant get hold of decent product…