Barometer International Bar Show 2017

International Media Partner for Europe's fastest growing bar show - Check

Cocktails For You seminar performed in front of 140 eager to learn bartenders - Check

Potentially revolutionise the world of bar shows by broadcasting seminars LIVE reaching over 1 million people clocking over 300k unique views - DOUBLE CHECK

For everything else...there's Cocktails For You!


Barometer International Bar took the world by storm this year, these words are normally only saved for big industry magazines & major booze blogs. So if they weren't there then what is the big deal?

300,000 people viewed 14 industry leaders share their knowledge in the worlds largest bar show auditorium. Over 1,000,000 people were reached over 3 days just on Facebook alone through the Cocktails For You platform.

Marian Beke presenting on stage...

Call it shameless bragging but numbers don't lie & the numbers on the ground alone for this fantastic event are as follows: 3 days, 15,000 guests, 35,000 cocktails, 14 tons of ice, 57 lectures, 39 tastings, 74 speakers from all over the globe!


Here at Cocktails For You we believe that the Barometer Bar Show has changed the name of the bar show game. Never before have seminars been recorded & broadcasted LIVE just quite like this with a full team of directors, 4 camera men & a full sound crew working round the clock to bring bar industry education into the palms of thousands of bartenders globally whether they could pay for the ticket to Ukraine or not!

We truly live in the age of technology where a bartender from Hawaii contacts us to thank us personally for sharing educational content about our industry that she would never had been able to access due to her location.